Yocan - Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer - 2020 Edition

Color: Blue
Sale price$69.95 CAD


The Evolve Plus XL is one of the newest products from Yocan in the Evolve series.  This vape pen is designed for concentrates and oils, and has a deep ceramic bowl with coils on the bottom of the bowl that thoroughly vaporizes all the concentrates and oils – leaving no pooling under the Quartz.  The Evolve Plus XL coils are some of the longest lasting in the industry.

Built-In Dual Compartment Concentrate Jar
Quad Quartz Wax Atomizer
Larger Chamber
Micro-USB Charging
Upgraded Battery
Sleek and Discreet
15 Seconds auto-shut off feature

Black, Blue, Gold, Pink, Sea Blue, Silver

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