Truweigh - Scale Calibration Weight Kit - 6pcs

Sale price$20.00 CAD


Although your Truweigh scale is calibrated before being packaged, various factors can affect its calibration during transit. Keeping your scale calibrated is crucial. Instead of using a nickel or other object, it's best to use our 6-piece scale calibration weight kit for accurate results.

This kit is a must-have for headshops, dispensaries, and environments where multiple scales are used. It's perfect for calibrating both precision digital and mechanical scales with varying capacities.

Kit Includes 6 Pieces:
* OIML Class M1
* Gram Weights:
* 100g - 1
* 50g - 1
* 20g - 2
* 10g - 1
* 5g - 1
* Tweezers
* Black Case
* Total Weight: 0.6305 lbs

Two AAA Batteries
10 Year Warranty

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