Truweigh - Calibration Weight Kit - 6pcs

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While your Truweigh scale is professionally calibrated before it's packaged, there are several different factors that can alter the calibration once it gets to you. Calibrating is an essential part of maintaining your scale. Using a nickel or other item to calibrate your scale can permanently impact the scale's accuracy.

This kit is handy to have on hand in headshops, dispensaries, in science or education environments, and anywhere else you have multiple scales with different capacities. This Calibration Weight Kit is great for calibrating scales of all different capacities, for precision digital or mechanical scales.

Kit Includes 6 Pieces:
* OIML Class M1
* Gram Weights:
* 100g - 1
* 50g - 1
* 20g - 2
* 10g - 1
* 5g - 1
* Tweezers
* Black Case
* Total Weight: 0.6305 lbs

Two AAA Batteries
10 Year Warranty

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