Rekt - Triple Perc Mini Beaker Bong - 11"

Color: Milk Green
Sale price$110.00 CAD


Rekt newest collection of unique and stylish perc bongs is here! Every bong in this collection is unique in look and function. They feature milky colorways, insane percs and all come with glass bowls that have integrated screens.

The Triple Perc Mini Beaker bong features 3 different and unique percs that will surely make your hit as smooth as it is trippy to watch. It has a double sided grided inline perc along the entire base, a quadruple hydrant style shower perc and a slited dome perc that also acts as a splashguard. The neck has a coloured Rekt logo. It has an integrated stem. The dome, showerhead, mouthpiece and bowl handles are coloured.

Available colours: Milk Blue, Milk Green, Milk Pink, Milk White

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