Rekt - BLASTED - Diamond Pattern Beaker Bong - 15"

Color: Milk Blue
Sale price$130.00 CAD


The latest glass collection from REKT is here! BLASTED by REKT is a collection of Beaker and Straight tube bongs  that feature high-end intricately detailed engraved designs with sandblasted elements. Every piece is made from high quality thick glass to ensure a longer lasting more durable bong. 

This bong features a trippy “endless” interweaving diamond pattern all along the blue tinted glass neck. The bottom is adorned in the same pattern, and the Rekt BLASTED logo adorns the base.  Stare at this bong for too long and you'll get lost in it. 

It comes with a removable downstem and 14mm male bowl with integrated screen.  It also features an ice pinch.

Available colours (bowl and mouthpiece) - Milk Blue, Milk Green, Milk Pink and Milk White

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