PAX - Era Classic - Premium Concentrate Vaporizer

Sale price$25.00 CAD


The Pax Era Classic is the model of simplicity, with instant draw, a rechargeable battery, and a sleek design. Pop in your favourite pod and enjoy your favourite extracts today. Find out why millions trust the Era line today.

INCLUDES: Micro-USB Charger


Heat, never burn

Our patented temperature control brings out the best in your oil extracts. You get consistent flavours, aromas, and potency. All without the harmful byproducts of combustion.

Want a different experience? Use the PAX App for greater control.


Cleaner, safer system

PAX Era pods are made with food grade materials and tested to medical standards, certified free from harmful heavy metals, toxins and contaminants. When you combine the pod technology with our temp control, oil is good to the last drop. 


  • Made for oil extracts - (Enjoy with Pax Era Pods sold separately
  • Rechargeable Battery -Get approximately 200 Puffs per charge
  • Micro-USB Connection
  • Capacity - 0.5g pods
  • 1 year limited warranty -(Not that you’ll ever need it)

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