Herbs of Culture - The Crypt Storage System

Size: Mini
Sale price$60.00 CAD


The Crypt by Herbs of Culture is the ultimate cylinder curing & freshness storage system. Made of tough surgical grade stainless steel. 100% BPA-free elastic ABS compound seal to lock in flavour & freshness. Rugged impact resistant mounted lid. Stainless steel bail clasp for fast and easy lid sealing. Built in hygrometer & temperature thermostat to maintain storage climate.

Includes RH STAYFRESH humidity control pack

MINI - 5.5cm x 7cm x 12cm
Capacity - 3.25gr-15gr

MEDIUM - 12cm x 10.5cm x 12cm
Capacity - 33gr-55gr

X-LARGE - 17.5cm x 19cm x 12cm
Capacity - 400gr-453gr

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