Hemper - Pineapple Rig - 7"

Sale price$75.00 CAD


The origins of the pineapple and its relationship to smoking is a widely debated topic, but one thing is for sure – it's a big hit. For this release, Hemper styled out one of their most functional, compact, and flavourful rigs with a full coloured pineapple splash-guard, to turn heads and turn hot smoke into smooth rips.
Catch eyes and deflect water with the functional and fashionable pineapple, strategically placed just beneath the neck to prevent any unwanted drinks. Matched perfectly with our 4 Dot Jetline perc, water will blast up and ricochet down from the pineapple, creating a water cycle ready for hot vapours or smoke alike.
Get a functional rig that looks good on the shelf and feels good in the session!
* Bent Neck
* Pineapple Splashguard
* 4 Dot Jetline percolator 
* Sturdy base
* 14mm Female joint
* 7" Inches tall
* 14mm Male bowl

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