Haze - Wood Wick Soy Candle - 12Oz.

Style: Apple Royale
Sale price$25.00 CAD


Haze soy candles are hand poured and have a wood wick. This ensures that they burn evenly and more efficiently.  These 12oz candles will burn for 60hrs or more, and the unique scents are made with essential oils, that when melted can be used (at your own discretion) as massage oil.  

These candles are also paraffin free (because they are soy) and vegan.

Available scents:

Design A - Apple Royale: A blend of royal raspberries mixed with strawberries and green apples

Design B - Island Petals: A plumeria paradise with a tropical jungle essence

Design C - Life's a Beach: Mangos and papayas harvested from the beach mixed with coconut milk

Design D - Mahogany Forest: A woodsy earthy musclin scent

Design E - Mimosa Island: A mix of muttaled cherries with freshly squeezed orange juice with a splash of bubbly

Design F - Mystic Mist: Notes of fallen rain mixed with undertones of cider

Design G - Nana Berry SMASH: Sweet sun grown strawberries mixed with ripe bananas

Design H - Peach Paradise: Tart and juicy combo of Georgia peaches and tangerines

Design I - Pitch Black: Cologne scent perfect for any occasion

Design J - Sweet Peace: A peaceful combination of juicy berries and ripe pears with hints of florals

Design K - Tangerine Cream: Tangerine puree mixed with creamy french vanilla

Design L - Watermelon Wonder: Sugary watermelon mixed with orange blossoms and juicy berries

Warning - Do not leave candle unattended. Keep away from combustible items, children and pets while lit. Place candle on a level fire resistant surface before lighting. do not pick up or move candle while it is lit or until the wax has begun to harden. Do not leave candle lit more than 4 hours at a time.

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