Eyce - Solo Silicone Dugout - Asst Colours

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The Eyce Solo was crafted so you're completely prepared for anything. It features a material storage compartment, a borosilicate glass taster, steel poker, and a tool holder in a compact platinum cured silicone body that consumers have come to love. 


The minimalist design is a traveler's dream because it’s easier than pre-rolling or carrying multiple items, creating a hassle-free smoking experience for users who want a quick session. 

Maintaining your Eyce Solo is also really easy. Just clear out the one-hitter after using it to avoid resin build-up and remove any materials from the storage container. Then scrub each item with a toothbrush or swab, rinse each piece, and let them dry.


TASTER is a registered trademark used subject to a license agreement.


EYCE - Durability that rips.

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