DaVinci - IQ2 Herb and Concentrate Vaporizer - Complete Kit

Color: Blue
Sale price$245.00 CAD


For vape connoisseurs who simply want the very best portable, dual-use vaporizer. DaVinci’s most advanced dry herb vaporizer, The IQ2, provides a cooler vapour, ultimate flavour profile, and precision temperature control at your fingertips.

The IQ2 vaporizer empowers you to customize your airflow, plus track and report your vape dose per draw and per session. The extensive battery life also allows you to enjoy your IQ2 on the go.

IQ2 dual-use dry herb vaporizer
10mm Bubbler Adapter
0.2g Dosage Pod
9 Pieces Organic Cottons
Ceramic Extract Tab
USB Charging Cable
Pick Tool
9 Alcohol Wipes

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