DabCap - V4 Silicone Universal Waterpipe Adapter - 20pk

Sale price$135.00 CAD


The most universal DabCap ever. This set features DabCaps Winter 2021 colours - Holidaze, Icicle, Snow & Candycane. These colours are limited in quantity and won't return once sold out!

* Glow/UV: Icicle, Snow, and Candycane glow!
* Universal Design: Compatible with nearly any extraction device or waterpipe! 
* Anti-Static Coating: Naturally repels dust, hair, and other particles to stay clean at all times. 
* Indestructible: Made from premium, heat resistant food-grade silicone, the DabCap is damn near indestructible! Safe up to 550*F


Comes with 20 Dab Caps

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