Mj Arsenal - Titan Mini Rig

Sale price$120.00 CAD


Dialed in from top to bottom to be the most impressive mini dab rig offering yet from the team at MJ Arsenal! The Titan features a double ball base connected perc, with a klein draining incycler that takes the Ursa’s functionality to a whole new level.  Stack bubbles, and enjoy your terps like never before with this handmade compact dab rig made from the highest quality borosilicate glass.  Titan will quickly secure itself in the slot of your “daily driver”. Buckle up and enjoy the ride with MJA. Never sacrifice a thing and always elevate the ordinary!  Dimensions: 7.5in x 4.25in x 2.75in  Specifications * Height: ~7 inches * Base width: 2.75 inches * 10mm connection * Incycler Function * Double ball base connected perc * Splash guard keeps your mouth dry * Mini rig made from high-quality borosilicate glass

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