Mj Arsenal - Iridescent Jammer Mini Dab Rig - 4.25"

Sale price$100.00 CAD


Do you like to shred? Meet the Jammer, the rig with the price of a daily driver that rips like a weekend exotic. The seemingly simplistic Jammer is the epitome of MJ Arsenal’s commitment to function above all else. No frills here, extra thick 4mm borosilicate glass with a reinforced base-connected perc to seal it all together into a palm sized ripper.

Why Mini Rigs™? Less air = more flavor. Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary session with MJA.

Iriedescent Jammer Mini Rig™ by MJA
MJA Custom Flat Top Quartz Bucket (3mm)

Height 4.25"
Limited Edition
10mm Connection

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