Klear Kryptonite - Bong Cleaner - 60ML (48pk)

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KLEAR™ Kryptonite Bong Cleaner is the perfect solution for 420 and 710 enthusiasts who want to keep their smoking devices sparkling.

This bottle is travel sized (2oz).
Kryptonite is your go-to cleaner for effortless and quick cleaning of all your cannabis gear - be it pipes, dab rags, extraction tubes, shirts, jeans, or your kitchen sink! Forget boiling water or risking breaking your bong, this nifty solution coats and cleans everything safely. It's easy, safe, and effective!
Kryptonite isn't just for water pipes. Clean your go-to hand pipes, oil rigs, and glass surfaces with KLEAR™ Kryptonite glass and bong cleaner. It even tackles pesky stains from dabbing and other cannabis-related mishaps on clothes like dab rags, shirts, and denim.
KLEAR™ Goods Are Secure and Pristine. Kryptonite is proudly made in the USA and has the lowest VOC levels of any cannabis cleaner available right now (<3% VOC, compared to Alcohol and Acetone at 100% VOC). Kryptonite is also free of D-Limonene, so you can clean your bong without any worries.

This box contains 48 60ml bottles of kryptonite

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