Artisanal - Bio Hemp Wick - 10ft (24pk)

Sale price$64.50 CAD


Now that you are conscious of the importance of keeping your lungs healthy, use Artisanal hemp wick to light your joints, the bowl of your bong, your pipe, etc.

With 10 feet of hemp wick, you are officially part of the Artisanal hemp wick fan club!

Comes with 24 x 10ft hemp wick

*Artisanal Hemp Wick is the #1 in Canada. It is made with only natural, organic, canadian hand made products.
* Tastes like heaven!
* If you are worried about your lung health, let Artisanal Hemp Wick breathe the butane for you
* NO chemical products, NO bleach, NO GMO, NO plastics, NO paraffin wax, NO pesticides

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