420 Science - Pop Top Glass Jar - Small

Style: Hello - Write and Erase
Sale price$18.00 CAD


Choose your own adventure with our iconic 420 glass jar! Select your design and style, and make it your own. Proudly American-made, our Pop-top jars are crafted from blown glass and adorned with lasting glass art decals.

Glass lid with airtight plastic gasket
Holds 1/4Oz. (7Gr)

Choose from a variety of designs including Pineapple, Hello - Write and Erase, Modern - Write and Erase, Head Popper, No Bad Trips, Rainbow Mind, Shroom Vision, 3D Acid Eater, Rising Flower, Infinite Loop, Diamond Intersect, Zero Fucks Given, Cosmic Skull, Happy Bong, Fire Bud, The Good Weed, Woke Rainbow Eye, Woke Cosmic Mushroom.

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