420 Science - Pop Top Glass Jar - Medium

Style: Hello - Write and Erase
Sale price$20.00 CAD


The classic 420 jar! Pick a design and a style that’s just right for you. 420 Science Pop-top jars are made in the USA from Machine blown glass and feature permanent glass art decals.

Glass lid with airtight plastic gasket
Holds 1/3Oz. (9.5Gr)

Available designs
Hello - Write and Erase
Modern - Write and Erase
Head Popper
No Bad Trips
Rainbow Mind
Shroom Vision
3D Acid Eater
Rising Flower
Infinite Loop
Diamond Intersect
Zero Fucks Given
Cosmic Skull
Happy Bong
Fire Bud
The Good Weed
Woke Rainbow Eye
Woke Cosmic Mushroom

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