About Us

Prohibition is the obvious choice for all smokers in Canada. We take pride in supplying a vast selection of quality smoking accessories.
Our boutiques specialize in retailing high quality smoking products, coupled with excellent customer service and an inviting ambiance.

Our History

Prohibition has been innovating since our inception in 1984. Throughout our long history, we've inspired change in the marketplace and the smoking community. We invite you to discover our proud heritage.

Johnny Mennillo, the inventor of the quintessential smoking boutique, was born in Campobasso, Italy on April 16, 1958. At the age of twelve, his family moved to Canada in the pursuit of a better life. Once in Montreal, Johnny adapted to his surrounds by embracing two new languages and continuing his education. Once graduated, he realized his entrepreneurial drive and ventured into his passion of social smoking. This shortly led him to owning his first business and thus Prohibition was born.

Johnny's first Prohibition was nothing more than a flea market location, even so he strongly believed in high quality products and excellent customer service. These values enabled the business to grow exponentially and a storefront location quickly transpired.

Over the next 30 years, Prohibition began to expand into various geographic areas. Offering a multitude of store locations and building strong ties within the smoking community. Now a leader in the smoking accessories industry, Prohibition has become a staple of quality, offering Franchises with the intention of becoming widespread throughout Canada.

Prohibition intends to grow in both locations and brand equity, however we will never lose sight of our humble beginnings.

Smoking Since 1984

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