Own a Prohibition Franchise

Be in Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q What does the franchise include?

It entitles you to own and operate a Prohibition boutique, use the trade name, trademarks, business methods and our upscale decor. Facilities planning, specifications for fixtures, equipment and leasehold improvements.
• Site selection and lease negotiations by an experienced team of Oberfield Snowcap and the Prohibition Team.
• In-store training
• Store opening assistance
• Advertising and marketing support
• Continued field support
• A complete product line of smoking accessories

Q. How much do I need to invest?

The total investment required varies from location to location based on a number of different factors such as the size of the premises and its condition. (ranging from 800 to 3000 sf) Generally, total startup costs range from $175,000 to $325,000 including a full inventory.

Q. Who designs and builds my location?

Prohibition works with approved contractors, designers and equipment suppliers to enable us to stay on budget and have the site finished on schedule.

Q. After I'm approved, how soon can I expect to open my franchise?

That primarily depends on the availability of locations in the area you have selected for your store. In some areas, sites have already been chosen, which substantially reduces the time involved.

Q. How much is the Prohibition franchise fee?

A franchise fee of $25,000 grants a license and franchise to operate a Prohibition and to sell products and services offered at Prohibition boutiques. It also licenses you to use our trademark, product lines, design features, signage, supplier contract and operation procedures.

Q. Is it possible to own more than one location?

Yes, provided that you have demonstrated that you are financially capable and can properly manage more than one store.

Q. How much are the royalties?

Five percent of gross sales.

Q. How is the site selected for my location?

We use Oberfeld/Snowcap's knowledgeable team with 35 years of experience combined with prohibition's detailed evaluation of the site to select opportune locations

Q. I have never negotiated a commercial lease. What assistance is available?

After your site is selected, Oberfeld and Prohibition will use their experience to negotiate a beneficial lease.

Q. Is any experience necessary to own a franchise?

No related experience is necessary, after completing our comprehensive training program you will be prepared to manage your location.

Q. How much training will I need?

You will receive a 2-week comprehensive training program prior to the location opening as well as a full week in store support to ensure all aspects are up to standards before we complete the handover. Every franchisee will also receive operations manual detailing information from hiring to ordering of products.

Q. Do I need to be involved with the day-to-day management of my franchise?

At least one owner or designated manager must be involved on a full-time basis and be responsible for day-to-day store operations and management.

Q. How will I know if I have the necessary finances?

Your completed application form will be evaluated by our finance department. They will let you know if your financial status will qualify for financing.

Q. How long is the term of the franchise agreement?

The term of the Franchise Agreement coincides with the term of the Lease.

Q. May I sell my franchise?

Yes, subject to Prohibitions right of refusal and Prohibition approving the new franchisee. There is also a $5000 transfer fee, which incorporates the training for the new franchisee.

Q. I'm interested in a franchise. What is the next step?

Once the application form is completed, a Prohibition representative will contact you.